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Are you a DJ that has built a good reputation through the types of songs you play at an event or through your ability to entertain any type of crowd? Then you are definitely on your way to making MORE money at your craft. You need to be passionate about music. But there are many factors…here are a few:

Your years of experience is one factor that determines how much you can charge or make at any given event. You can have a set price for an event, but due to your “ability to entertain”, tips are completely another ball game. Your ability to be able to play a song someone requests is a factor that plays a role in tips. Having a vast library of music (of all genres) is built over time, but well worth investing into. You need to be able to cover a wide range of styles.

A good DJ is outgoing and needs to react with the crowd.

This Is Actually My Hand!

This Is Actually My Hand!

As you can see from the photo above, leaving a gig where your client is totally satisfied can be very rewarding. The money is worth it…IF AND ONLY IF you love what you do. (and that’s in ANY field!) You CAN make money by being a full time DJ. Be able to play different types of events and venues, like birthday parties, weddies, and clubs.

You Can Make A Living Being A Full Time DJ.

You Can Make A Living Being A Full Time DJ.

DJing is not an easy job. Networking is a must in the field of entertainment. You must learn how to market yourself. What you put into any business is what you will get out of it! If you are passionate about your craft, you will succeed.

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