Terms and Conditions


The deposit is 50% of the total for the gig. This deposit is non-refundable unless client and unREAL DJS mutually agree to refund the amount.

Total Fee:

The total fee, less the deposit is to be paid in full by the client no later than the day of the event. The client may also wish to pay the full amount at time of deposit.

Distance Charge:

If location of event is over 35 miles from Point Loma in San Diego CA, there will be an additional charge of $2 per mile for each mile over 35 miles. Any location over 100 miles will require a distance charge depending on location.

Overtime Charges and Gratification:

The client has the option of requesting unREAL DJS to extend the event past the requested end time. After reviewing request and checking with location about legality of extending event, unREAL DJS may grant the request at the rate of $40.00 per half hour. Also unREAL DJS is providing a service requested by the client and, although not required, a gratuity is the standard form of appreciation.


Cancellation of the event by the client shall forfeit the deposit. Cancellation by the client due to “Acts of God” will be entitled to a full refund. Cancellation by unREAL DJS for any reason will be entitled to a full refund to the client. Upon refund, this contract becomes null and void, and the client shall have no further legal recourse against unREAL DJS. In the unlikely event that unREAL DJS must start the event late, the client has the option to add that amount of time to the end of the event at no charge or deduct a pro-rated refund of the balance due.

Provisions/ Client Responsibilities:

The client ensures that (A) the place of engagement is open and available to the DJ at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time and 1 hour after the conclusion of the event; (B) the location of events meets all state and federal safety regulations and has any and all necessary licenses and performance permits; (C) for all outdoor events, unless waived by the DJ, a tent of similar overhead protective covering must be provided to prevent damage to the DJ’s equipment in the event of adverse weather conditions (see Rain Or Shine Events); (D) reasonable steps will be taken to protect unREAL DJS and their equipment & music collections from any type of abuse, theft or damage resulting from this event; (E) In the unlikely event of circumstances deemed by unREAL DJS to present a real or implied threat or harm to the DJ’s equipment, music, or persons, unREAL DJS reserves the right to cease performance until the client has resolved the threatening situation.

unREAL DJS’s Responsibilities:

unREAL DJS’s responsibilities to the client are to consult, advice, and provide an entertaining performance. In no event shall unREAL DJS be held liable for any personal injury, property damage or subject to performance-related harassment or for any further mishaps occurring at the event that are directly or indirectly the fault of unREAL DJS. unREAL DJS and the client agree to indemnify and not hold liable unREAL DJS for damages resulting from the performance-related harassment.

Rain or Shine Events:

If this event is considered Rain of Shine and is taking place outdoors, the client must provide a tent or similar covering for the DJ and the DJ’s equipment. Two alternatives follow if the client cannot provide such covering: (A) unREAL DJS is willing to provide a tent structure, which unREAL DJS will setup and take down, for a fee of $100. Also the location of the event must be open at least 2 hours prior to the start time and 1 hour after the end time for proper assembly and disassembly. (B) The client may request that unREAL DJS set up unprotected hoping the weather will cooperate. Under this option, if in the event of rain or adverse weather conditions, unREAL DJS can stop the event to ensure safety of all music and equipment. Unless a covering can be provided at that time, unREAL DJS will break down and leave the event. The client shall also be responsible for the FULL amount of the event, and no further action can be taken against unREAL DJS.